Thursday, May 30, 2013

Your Relationship with Your Event Planner

A good relationship with an event planner can make the busy mom’s life a little more fun!

Think beyond Weddings and Bar Mitzvahs… Do you secretly envy your best friend because she throws an annual holiday party and you think you’re just too busy to do one yourself?  Have you let milestone birthdays or anniversaries go by because you were too busy to celebrate them properly?  A good relationship with an event planner can take the work-a-day life of a busy mom and pepper it with some fun.  I say “relationship” because life is filled with events we wish we could celebrate… your daughter’s sweet 16, your parent’s golden wedding anniversary, a surprise birthday party for your significant other, a family reunion, even a grown up Halloween party.  Your planner can help you decorate your home, handle the caterer, and even manage the invitations and RSVPs.

The first step is to find the right event planner.  You will want to look for someone who is interested in building a relationship with you, too.  There are some planners that like to plan 3 to 5 big events a year and leave it at that, but what you need is someone who cares less about the size of the event and more about the quality of the relationship.  For example, we are currently planning a 70th birthday party for 10 couples at the home of the birthday boy.  While the busy wife and mother is tending to her family and business, we are selecting the menu, invitations and floral arrangements, renting tables, chairs and linens, staffing with servers and a bartender, and even selecting the right music for her pipe in through her existing sound system.  Then, while the happy couple focuses on their guests and enjoys themselves that night, we will be busily working behind the scenes making sure everything arrives in time, gets set up in her home beautifully, served to the guests professionally, then taken down and cleaned up as if the party never happened…  all of this for less than she would have paid if she took her party of 20 to a trendy restaurant for dinner.  It’s the perfect solution for this busy family, and she will use us again for her next party, which is clam bake this summer at her shore house. 

The relationship here is the key, she is comfortable knowing that nothing is too small to ask of us, and we know that we'll be there for her, event after event.  We know her style, her favorite colors, and the foods she hates; we know the layout of her house, where to set up coat check, and where to send valets to park; we even know her guests by now and know which ones we need to call to get their RSVP because they never send it in time.  It's a relationship for sure. 

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